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We analyse match data to find valuable insights that help coaches make smarter decisions on how to improve team/players performance


Recent advances in computer technology give coaches a new and powerful weapon for improving performance: advanced data analysis tools.

Driven by powerful machine learning algorithms, such tools can discover valuable insights in games data as provided by Opta, STATS and others.  This knowledge will enrich coaches understanding of the game, and help them make smarter decisions on how to improve performance to gain an edge on competitors.

Soccerlogic pioneered the application of advanced data analytics in football, and has many years experience of using this technology to help clubs discover those key insights that drive successful performance.  Why not join them?

Soccerlogic uses the latest tools and technology to help you get the most from your data.


Sport Intelligence

Soccerlogic was founded by Gianni Pischedda after many years professional experience as a Business Intelligence consultant. Having used data mining tools to help business companies improve performance, his passion for football led him to believe that he  could do the same for sporst clubs . Football Intelligence was  born!

Soccerlogic pioneered the application of advanced data analytics and visualisation in football and other sports, back in 2003. Since then, it has gained world leading experience of using these innovative technologies to help clubs improve performance by exploiting game data.

Soccerlogic has undertaken many projects around the world, delivering performance improvements for football/soccer, AFL (Australian football) and Cricket teams. It has also carried out research on applications to rugby, hockey, tennis and basketball.

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Today coaches don’t have to rely only on video analysis and their intuition to analyse the beautiful game.  There is data, a lot of data on how teams and players perform on the pitch.  And there are computers which can quickly analyse this data to find many valuable insights that can help coaches make smarter decisions on how to improve performance.

Using computers driven by powerful machine learning algorithms is the only way to find such key information!  Football is a complex game, and when it comes to analysing data, any data, computers have an edge on humans.  But ‘smart’ machines are not going to replace analyst and coaches anytime soon.  Their knowledge and experience of football is vital to translate these insights into actions that will lead to performance improvement in play.

That computers could play a leading role in helping football clubs improve performance was the key concept underpinning Soccerlogic’s Football Intelligence.  An intuition born out of Gianni’s many years experience of using data mining tools to drive advances in performance in business.

This was back in 2003, when artificial intelligence (AI) only got a mention in academic papers, and science fiction books. How times have changed!  Computer technology has evolved, and a faster rate than anyone had anticipated.  Artificial intelligence is now a practical reality, and its many applications bringing benefits to all areas of human enterprise.

This unpredictable development has not escaped our attention, nor has its implication for football and team sports in general. For a few years now Soccerlogic has been focusing on research on how AI deep learning algorithms can provide more and better ‘intelligence’ to drive improvement in performance.   It is something all coaches should be keen to explore, and that we are eager to share with them.

“People don’t know what they want until you show it to them” Steve Jobs


How Soccerlogic helps you

Soccerlogic can help improve the performance of your team by:

  • Identifying significant changes in performance parameter during the season
  • Success Analysis – identifying tactcis that drive successful performance
  • Highlighting key stats – save time…focus on what is important
  • Identifying strengths, weaknesses of yours and rival teams
  • Quickly verifying whether your observations and intuitions are evidence based
  • Monitoring performance (yours and opposition) during a match in near real-time
  • Fast results – more time to study results, find solutions and implement them in training

We analyse match data to find key insights that enrich your tactical and technical knowledge of teams/players
We help you make smarter decisions on how to improve performance, and be more competitive.

Why choose Soccerlogic?

We pioneered the application of data mining/science to football, and over the years gained the knowledge and experience to help you benefit from this powerful technology. You can trust us to help you improve performance:

  • We have higher education qualifications in computing and statistics
  • We have verifiable experience of working as data miners/scientist.
  • We have years of experience advantage on our competitors
  • We understand team sports, and football in particular
  • We have years of experience of helping teams like yours
  • We have developed a unique, succesfull method to help clubs benefit from data mining/science
  • We use leading industry software – you can trust our results!

Soccerlogic is the only company that can provide you with tools and training to do your own analysis –
so you don’t need analysts with programming skills to benefit from data


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Mohamed Salah at Roma and Liverpool

In this post, the shot performance of M Salah at Roma an Livepool is compared. The objective is to find any statistically significant (p<0.05) and non significant (but revealing) differences.
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Is xG any good at predicting game outcomes?

One can’t afford to ignore Expected Goals (xG) now that Match of the Day are giving the metric such a huge profile. I’m not a massive fan of xG, but I thought it was worth further investigation and so, thanks to data from StrataData ((, I have been doing some work on it.
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Conversion rates (SG) by shot Location

This blog is a continuation of my last one on shooting in the MLS (Star shooters of the MLS – April 1, 2017) . Here shall be looking at how shot location affects shot outcome, as defined by the metric SG (goals/shots), or conversion rate.
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Gianni Pischedda

Founder/CEO @soccerlogic. After leaving university, a strong interest in computers drove Gianni to a career in IT.  During his many years working as programmer/analyst/consultant, he nursed a passion for advanced application of IT, such as Expert System (an early development of artificial intelligence).

The availability of the first commercial software based on this technology prompted a career change. He was among the first to appreciate that (machine-learnnig driven) data mining tools were a game-changer as far as enabling business to significantly improve performance.  Gianni then spent many years gianing much experinecde of applying such tools by advising business on how to use them for competitive advantage.  A passion for football later drove him to pioneer their use for improving performance in the game. Before long, he founded Soccerlogic to promote his novel idea.

Gianni has studied at Lancaster University, where he was awarded MA degrees in Numerical Analysis and Computing, and Systems Engineering.



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