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We help coaches discover valuable insights in match data –
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Welcome to Soccerlogic, an innovative soccer analytics system designed to revolutionize the way coaches and teams analyze performance and gain valuable insights. In the dynamic world of soccer, where every decision can have a significant impact on the outcome of a match, it is crucial for coaches to have access to comprehensive and accurate data to make informed decisions. Soccerlogic combines the power of machine learning algorithms, advanced statistical analysis methods, and real-time analysis to provide coaches with an unparalleled understanding of player and team performance.

Automatic Analysis with Machine Learning Algorithms:

Soccerlogic leverages cutting-edge machine learning algorithms to automatically analyze event data from multiple matches. By utilizing data from trusted sources such as Opta and others, our system quickly identifies valuable insights on player and team performance. The power of machine learning enables us to uncover patterns and correlations that may not be apparent to the naked eye, helping coaches make data-driven decisions.

Contextual Performance Evaluation:

We believe that performance evaluation should go beyond just the outcome of a match. Soccerlogic evaluates performance in various contexts, such as time intervals (5, 10, 20 minutes, and more), home/away matches, 1st  and 2nd  halves, before and after substitutions, goals scored or conceded, match winning or losing status, etc. This comprehensive approach provides coaches with a nuanced understanding of player and team performance in different situations, enabling them to identify strengths and weaknesses accurately. 

Correlation with Match Outcome:

Soccerlogic takes performance evaluation a step further by rating player actions and their interplay based on their correlation with the match outcome. By analyzing the impact of each action on the final result (win/draw/loss), our system identifies key contributors to success or areas that need improvement. This information is invaluable for coaches seeking to optimize team performance and develop winning strategies. 

Significant Changes Reporting:

Understanding that coaches have limited time for analysis, Soccerlogic focuses on reporting only significant changes in performance across specified events and contexts. By filtering out noise and providing concise and meaningful insights, Soccerlogic saves coaches valuable time while delivering crucial information to drive performance improvement. 

Success Analysis and Visual Analysis:

Soccerlogic excels in identifying patterns of play that drive a team’s winning or losing performance. Our system uncovers the strengths and weaknesses of a team, helping coaches strategize and refine their tactics. Additionally, Soccerlogic offers a powerful software for visual analysis, generating detailed maps showcasing player positions, passing sequences, pass-receive dynamics, shooting patterns, and more. This visual representation enhances understanding and facilitates effective communication among coaches and players. 

Objective Analysis and Statistical Verification:

Soccerlogic integrates advanced statistical analysis methods to support coaches in making difficult decisions. By providing statistical verification of video analysis insights, our system ensures objective and evidence-based decision-making. Coaches can rely on the robustness of the data-driven analysis to validate their observations and confidently implement necessary changes. 

Flexibility and Adaptability:

Understanding that every coach has unique needs and preferences, Soccerlogic offers a highly flexible system. Our analysis can be adapted to provide answers tailored to the individual requirements of each coach. Whether it’s focusing on specific aspects of the game, customizing performance evaluation criteria, or incorporating team-specific data, Soccerlogic empowers coaches to shape the analysis to suit their specific coaching philosophy and objectives.

Real-time Analysis:

Soccerlogic goes beyond post-match analysis by providing real-time analysis during matches. Coaches can access valuable insights as the game unfolds, allowing them to make immediate tactical adjustments and optimize player performance on the field. The ability to analyze in real-time gives coaches a competitive edge and enhances their decision-making during critical moments of a match.

In conclusion, Soccerlogic offers a comprehensive and innovative soccer analytics system that combines automatic analysis, contextual performance evaluation, correlation with match outcome, reporting of significant changes, success analysis, visual analysis, objective analysis, flexibility, and  real-time analysis. With Soccerlogic, coaches can unlock the full potential of their teams, make data-driven decisions, and gain a competitive advantage in the ever-evolving world of soccer.



SoccerLogic is a very powerful Performance Analysis software package that will enable the coaching staff to both determine and improve the level of performance. Having worked with the product, the capabilities and extent of the analysis available is very impressive, allowing the coaching team to assess the interactions occurring within the game to an unprecedented level.”  Dan Bishop


The Soccerlogic advantage


Soccerlogic is a powerful method of analysing football performance that can help coaches improve their teams.
It leverages cutting-edge machine learning algorithms to automatically analyse event data from multiple matches, uncovering patterns and correlations that may not be apparent to the naked eye.
This allows coaches to make data-driven decisions that can help improve performance.

Performance is evaluated not only by match but also by the many contexts of a match, such as time interval, home/away, 1st vs. 2nd half, before/after subs, goal scored/taken, winning/losing status, etc. The actions of players and the interplay with them are rated in correlation with match outcome (Win/Draw/Lost). Only significant changes in performance in all specified events and context are reported, thus saving coaches much analysis time.

Soccerlogic automatic analysis of match data also offers a number of other features, including:

  • Success Analysis – discover patterns of play that drive a team’s winning/losing performance, its weak and strong points
  • Visual analysis – powerful software of visual analysis of match data can create hundreds of maps showing position, passing sequences, shooting, etc.
  • Objective analysis – advanced statistical analysis method can help coaches in making difficult decisions by statistical verification of video analysis insights
  • Flexibility – the Soccerlogic analysis can be adapted to provide answers to the needs to each individual coach
  • Real time analysis – coaches can see how the game is unfolding and make adjustments accordingly. For example, if a team is struggling to create chances, a coach can see where the team is losing possession and make changes to the formation or tactics.

Overall, Soccerlogic is a valuable tool for coaches for coaches to improve performance by finding valuable insights in match data.

Here are some specific examples of how a coach can use Soccerlogic analysis:

  • To identify players whose performance is consistently good or poorly in a certain context, such as the 1st or 2nd half of matches, when playing home or away, in a particular match status, etc.
  • To evaluate which tactics work best in a give circumstance
  • To identify patterns of play that lead to successful or negative outcomes such as scoring opportunities for or against.
  • To identify areas where the team needs to improve, such as defending set pieces or creating chances in the final third.

With Soccerlogic, coaches can unlock the full potential of their teams, make data-driven decisions, and gain a competitive advantage


Sports Intelligence

Soccerlogic, founded by Gianni Pischedda in 2003, is a pioneering company dedicated to assisting coaches in effectively utilizing the growing wealth of performance data available to them. With its innovative data-driven approach to football analysis, Soccerlogic provides coaches with fresh and invaluable insights to enhance team performance.

Gianni Pischedda, prior to establishing Soccerlogic, had already demonstrated his expertise in improving performance through computer analysis in the business sector. Drawing from his extensive experience in this field, he recognized the potential of applying these powerful analytical tools to sports, particularly football. This realization prompted the creation of Soccerlogic and the introduction of the concept of “Football Intelligence” or “Sports Intelligence.” By leveraging match data, Soccerlogic has become a world leader in helping coaches optimize performance, working with numerous clubs across various sports such as football, AFL, cricket, rugby, ice hockey, tennis, and basketball.

The terms “Football Intelligence” and “Sports Intelligence” were coined by Gianni, deriving inspiration from the concept of “Business Intelligence” that emerged in the late 90s. “Business Intelligence” referred to advanced data-driven analysis techniques adopted by businesses to gain a competitive advantage. Soccerlogic embraces a similar philosophy, harnessing the power of data-driven analysis to unlock the full potential of teams and drive success in the sporting arena.



Does scoring before halftime gives an advantage?

…  Only in the Champion league such goals appear to give a small advantage, but only for away teams.  In contrast, there is a small but significant gain for home ones in the Top 5.  But, the overall picture shows that goals in the last 5 minutes do not affect outcomes, and when they do, the result is more often negative than positive.


Challenging the Role of Sports Analysis: The Importance of Analytics Expertise

This post aims to challenge a prevalent view in sports analysis that prioritizes in-depth knowledge of the sport over expertise in analytics. It stems from a disagreement with a statement made by Dean Oliver at the Opta Forum and seeks to highlight the crucial role of analytics in today’s data-rich sports environment.


Possession chains and passing sequences

“A major objective of football analysis should be that of identifying event chains; that is to find out the outcome of a chain of single events. For example, if a team scores, it is useful to know what chain of events preceded the goal. For instance, this could be after five successive short passes, or after a defensive player lost the ball to the opposition forward player who shot immediately….”

How good is xG at predicting match outcomes?

One can’t afford to ignore Expected Goals (xG) now that Match of the Day are giving the metric such a huge profile. I’m not a massive fan of xG, but I thought it was worth further investigation and so, thanks to data from StrataData ((, I have been doing some work on it.

Finding changes in tactics and their impact on a match

… To discovery tactical changes, we try finding significant changes in performance by the two teams in the many binary contexts of the game; for example between 1st & 2nd half, before/after a goal conceded/scored, before/after substitutions, etc. We also split the match in ten time intervals, and look at changes in activity (ball touches) between a time interval and the next,

Mohamed Salah at Roma and Liverpool

The shot performance of M Salah at Roma and Livepool is compared in this post. The objective is to find any statistically significant (p<0.05), and non significant (but revealing) changes in performance.

Balls and Runs – an attempt to Cricket analytics

“I am taking a rest from football, and since the battle for the Ashes  is on (England – Summer 2013), I have turned my attention to cricket.  Australia’s bowlers have been criticised by their lack of success, especially in the 2nd Test at Lords.  So here is my attempt at an analysis of their performance, as well as that of the England’s …”


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